American Express Near Me

American Express Near Me

Where can I find an American Express bank? View American Express bank ATM places and offices on the map.

American Express ATM Near Me

The best way to find nearby ATMs is to use the official American Express ATM locator at To find something close to you, use the search box.

About American Express

American Express is the world’s largest charge card issuer, the world’s largest travel company, and the most prominent travelers’ cheque issuer. It also offers financial planning, brokerage services, mutual funds, insurance, and other investment products. American Express is the highest issuer of personal, small business, and corporate credit cards. One of the most widely used credit cards globally is American Express. You can find information about the company’s support numbers and hours here.

American Express National Bank is ideal for AmEx credit card customers who prefer to manage their financial accounts on a single website. Customers looking for high-yielding savings accounts that are simple to qualify for and open will also find the bank appealing.

Hours of operation: Discover the nearest bank branch to view the exact opening hours of the business.

Customer care: The international customer care phone number is 1‑801-449-4019

Email Address: If you prefer to email your concerns, you can send inquiries to the American Express complaint email— The company usually responds to emails within two business days.

American Express FAQs:

Q1. Does American Express have physical locations?

Ans: American Express have a total of 55 offices worldwide. It operates in 110 countries. American Express has 8 physical locations in the USA, such as Atlanta, New York, Phoenix, Salk Lake City, Sunrise, Itasca, etc. Although for banking services, you can only use the online facility or call customer support.

Q2. How to get an American Express platinum card?

Ans: The American Express Platinum Credit Card offers unrivaled travel and lifestyle benefits. To apply for the Amex Platinum card, A minimum 720 credit score, two years of spotless credit history, and an annual income of $50,000 are requirements.

Q3. Is an American Express card worth it?

Ans: The American Express Card is great for some but a money-losing proposition for others. If you’re a regular traveler who spends a lot on dining and at U.S. supermarkets, you can quickly get more value out of this card than you pay in annual fees.

Q4. Does American Express have an annual fee?

Ans: Annual fees for American Express credit cards range from $0 to $695, depending on the card. The higher the annual cost, the more rewards, and benefits the card will most likely provide. American Express typically charges yearly fees when the cardholder opens an account and again on each account anniversary.

Q5. Is American Express good for your credit score?

Ans: According to the FICO score ranges, American Express applicants typically have at least a 670 score: Exceptional. 800 and above.