Guaranty Bank Near Me

Guaranty Bank Near Me

How do I locate the nearest Guaranty Bank? This page includes a map and directions for finding nearby Guaranty bank branches and trusts.

Guaranty Bank and Trust ATM Locations Near Me

You can visit the official branch and ATM locator to help you find the closest bank at Enter your address, city, or zip code. You can filter only branches with ATMs or free ATMs without a branch.

About Guaranty Bank

Guaranty Bank is a full-service local bank that tries to make a positive difference in the community via volunteering, charity, and a responsible approach to financial services. Guaranty is committed to addressing the financial requirements of the surrounding region and exceeding client expectations.

Guaranty Bank & Trust is one of Texas’s oldest community banks. They offer our customers a full range of relationship-driven commercial and individual banking products and services and loan, trust, and fund management services. Guaranty Bank & Trust has approximately 30 banking offices in 26 Texas municipalities in the state’s East Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, greater Houston, and Central Texas regions.

Guaranty Bank is a big institution that delivers a wide range of banking services. The following is the company’s contact information.

Guaranty Bank Customer Service

Customer service: Call the toll-free number to get customer service and support at (800) 235-4636

Hours of operation: Locate the nearest branch to see the exact opening/closing hours.

Guaranty Bank FAQs:

Q1. Is Guaranty Bank a reputable institution?

Ans: First Guaranty Bank demonstrates that it is the right bank worth investigating. Savings accounts, checking accounts, CDs, IRAs, money market accounts, mortgage products, and credit cards are all available at First Guaranty Bank.

Q2. Is Guaranty Bank FDIC insured?

Ans: First Guaranty Bank is a significant bank with $2 billion in assets and $2 billion in deposits. Its Texas Ratio is 7.56%, indicating a low risk of failure. Furthermore, First Guaranty Bank is FDIC-insured, which means that your money is protected (up to $250,000) even if the bank fails.

Q3. Who purchased Guaranty Bank?

Ans: Independent Bank Group, Independent Bank’s holding company, has completed the acquisition of Guaranty Bancorp and its wholly owned subsidiary, Guaranty Bank and Trust. Guaranty Bank and Trust operate 32 facilities around the Colorado Front Range, with 14 in the Denver metropolitan region.

Q4. Does Guaranty use Zelle?

Ans: Guaranty Bank & Trust’s mobile application and online banking already support Zelle! Check out our app or log in online to start with Zelle immediately.

Q5. Is there free checking at Guaranty Bank?

Ans: Freedom Checking is the most popular personal checking account at Guaranty Bank. This account offers the consumer a secure and dependable way to manage personal finances and an accurate record of all transactions. A minimum opening deposit of $100.00 is required. There are no monthly service fees.