UMB Bank Near Me

UMB Bank Near Me

What should I do to locate the nearest UMB Bank branch? We’ll go over the locations of UMB Bank branches and ATMs in this post. To get started, look at the map below.

UMB Bank Locations Near Me

You may find a bank and ATM location near you by going to and entering your address, city, state, and zip code, then clicking ‘Search.’

About UMB Bank

On March 15, 1972, Universal Merchant Bank (UMB) introduced its services to the public as Ghana’s premier merchant bank. With a Universal Banking License in 2005, they launched Retail Banking. The bank currently has 31 locations nationwide and one UMB Hub for Businesses.

UMB Financial Corporation is an American banking and finance corporation headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, that provides customers with full-service banking, payment solutions, asset management, and institutional investment management.

Its banking divisions own and run banking and wealth management facilities in Illinois, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Arizona. 

Personal, business, and commercial banking are all available through UMB Bank. You can find the business’s opening hours and phone number here.

UMB Bank Customer Service

Customer service: You can contact the customer service department at 816-860-7000 for assistance.

Hours of operation: Follow the steps to locate a branch and learn about its business hours and other pertinent information.

UMB Bank FAQs:

Q1. How do I check the amount of my UMB bank account?

Ans: You may view your account balances and loan details, move funds between accounts and order checks. Call 816.860.4862 in the Kansas City metro region. Call 800.860 in the other areas.

Q2. Is there an app for UMB Bank?

Ans: You can use the UMB Mobile Banking App on your smartphone, Apple Watch, or tablet to access and operate your checking or savings accounts.

Q3. Is mobile check deposit available at UMB?

Ans: The UMB Mobile app’s Mobile Deposit function allows you to deposit checks to your checking, savings, and money market accounts by photographing the front and back of every check with a camera-enabled mobile device or smartphone.

Q4. Is there a cardless ATM at UMB?

Ans: Withdraw cash from any UMB ATM without a debit card using a specific e-token created through the App. Users can quickly transfer funds between UMB accounts and to other financial institutions.

Q5. What exactly is a UMB Health Savings Account?

Ans: A health savings account (HSA) is a valuable tool for planning future healthcare bills and managing day-to-day medical expenses. Some people utilize their HSAs to cover medical bills as they come in, while others save for future needs.