Bitcoin ATM Near Me

Bitcoin ATM Near Me

Where is the nearest Bitcoin ATM near me? You can use the map below to know the nearby Bitcoin ATM location where you are right now. The map is provided by Google and displays the precise locations of the closest Bitcoin ATMs to you.

About Bitcoin ATMs

As you know, Bitcoin is the fastest-growing digital currency, and its price is increasing rapidly. It is the most popular decentralized currency to trade anything around the world. 

Bitcoin ATMs are just like teller machines that allow anyone to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with cash or a debit card. Some Bitcoin ATMs include dual functionality, allowing both the buy and sell of Bitcoin for cash.

To acquire Bitcoin, a user inserts cash into the machine and then creates a QR code on their mobile phone from their cryptocurrency wallet, which is scanned to get their bought Bitcoin.

To sell Bitcoin, a user sends Bitcoin through their digital wallet to the Bitcoin ATM’s QR code. Depending on the machine, most Bitcoin ATMs will instantly release cash to the user, while others may take a few moments to conduct the transaction. Nonetheless, these verification periods are orders of magnitude faster than internet transactions.


Using the Bitcoin ATM, you will be charged a fee of 5%-10%, depending on your country.

Additional Information

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Bitcoin ATMs FAQs:

Q1. How do I get back my money from a bitcoin machine?

Ans: A Bitcoin transaction may only be repaid by the person who received the funds; it cannot be reversed. This means you should only trade with individuals and companies you have confidence in or a good reputation.

Q2. Is it true that all Bitcoin ATMs demand a phone number?

Ans: Most crypto ATMs will demand a phone number to authenticate your identity (at the very least), but some may require more verification, like scanning a photo ID or providing your Social Security number. To purchase Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, you must scan your bitcoin wallet.

Q3. Does the Bitcoin ATM accept debit cards?

Ans: Bitcoin ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) are kiosks where people may buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with cash or a debit card.

Q4. Why do BTC ATM fees cost so much?

Ans: Each transaction creates a block on the blockchain, and each block adds a block reward. These financial benefits for miners are converted into fees for people who submit transactions on the network. Because of this configuration, each Bitcoin transaction needs a fee automatically deducted to pay the miners.

Q5. Is it secure to use a Bitcoin ATM?

Ans: Bitcoin ATM is the safest way to send bitcoin because cryptocurrencies can only be sent when you share the correct passwords and security details, such as a QR code, with someone.