Citibank Near Me

Citi Bank Near Me

Where can I find the nearest Citibank branch now? Where can I find a Citibank ATM near my location? Use the map to find CitiBank locations near you.

Citibank Branch Locations Near Me

You can find out where the nearest Citibank branch is right now by visiting You can either enter a location or let the system find you.

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About Citibank

Citigroup Inc., also known as Citi, is a multinational banking and financial services corporation based in New York City. In 1998, Citicorp merged with financial corporation Travelers Group to form the company; Travelers was later turned off from the corporation in 2002.

Citigroup was the biggest bank in the United States by assets until it was surpassed by JPMorgan Chase & Co in October. Citigroup had $2.05 trillion in assets at the end of September, while JPMorgan had $2.25 trillion.

Citigroup has 200 million consumers across six continents and more than 100 countries. It is the world’s largest credit card provider.

Citibank is one of the most well-known financial institutions. The bank’s phone number and hours of operation are listed below.

Citibank Customer Service

Customer support: the easiest way to contact customer service is by calling +1 210-677-0065

Hours of operation: Using the map and instructions provided above, you can find the hours of any branch.

Citibank FAQs:

Q1. What kind of bank is Citibank?

Ans: Citibank is a global financial services company with over 100 million customers in 98 countries worldwide. Citibank was established in New York City in 1812 and has grown to generate more than $74 billion in revenue in 2019.

Q2. Is Citibank a global institution?

Ans: Citibank is always near you, with over 20,000 ATMs and 4,000 branch offices in 42 countries. Withdrawals at Citibank ATMs are free of charge.

Q3. What is the minimum deposit to open a Citibank account?

Ans: A minimum deposit is not required to open a checking account with Citi, but other banks may require it. Even if it isn’t needed, funding the account and keeping a minimum balance can help you avoid account service charges and start your checking account.

Q4. How much money can I withdraw from a Citibank ATM in a single day?

Ans: Premium accounts typically have higher daily ATM withdrawal limits than basic accounts. For example, Citibank’s regular checking account has a daily withdrawal limit of $1,000 and a daily debit card payment limit of $5,000. The Citigold account has a withdrawal limit of $2,000 and a debit card limit of $10,000.

Q5. What is the size of Citibank?

Ans: Citi is the global payments leader, with 132 million accounts and $505 billion in annual purchase sales, and unparalleled partnerships with premier brands all over Citi Branded Cards and Citi Retail Services.