Wells Fargo Bank Near Me

Wells Fargo Bank Locations

Are you looking for a Wells Fargo bank in your area? You may find information on the nearest Wells Fargo branches and locations below, including the customer service department’s phone number, office hours, and other relevant details.

Wells Fargo Branch Near Me

Wells Fargo has locations all around the United States. The map below shows all Wells Fargo bank locations. The bank’s official website, www.wellsfargo.com, can also be used to locate nearby branches.

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Wells Fargo ATM Near Me

You can find ATMs and bank locations by entering an address, landmark, zip code, or city and state in the search box on Wells Fargo’s official website, www.wellsfargo.com/locator/.

About Wells Fargo Bank

Wells Fargo is a global financial services corporation headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operational offices in Manhattan and administration offices across the United States and internationally.

In the middle of the gold rush, Wells Fargo was formed in 1852 in California. With $1.9 trillion in assets, the financial institution now serves consumers coast to coast, internationally, and digitally.

It is still one of the major banks in the country, providing checking and savings accounts to credit cards, loans, and brokerage services. Customers looking for a one-stop shop for all of their financial needs with branches across the nation may find this bank excellent.

Wells Fargo is one of the popular banks in the United States. More pertinent information is provided below to assist you in contacting the bank by phone and learning about their office hours.

Wells Fargo Bank Customer Service

Customer service: You can reach the bank by phone at 1-800-869-3557, which is open seven days a week and 24 hours a day.

Hours of operation: Wells Fargo’s hours of operation can be discovered on the map or by locating the nearest branch.

Routing Number: Check the Wells Fargo bank routing number here.

Wells Fargo Bank FAQs:

Q1. Is Wells Fargo a safe bank?

Ans: Fortunately for consumers, thousands of financial institutions, including Wells Fargo, are FDIC-insured. The FDIC’s insurance limits are capped at $250,000. Certificates of deposit and money market accounts, as well as standard checking and savings accounts, are insured by the FDIC.

Q2. What is the Wells Fargo minimum deposit?

Ans: A minimum deposit of $25 is required to open an account with Wells Fargo. Take cash or a check with you so that you can deposit funds into your new account.

Q3. What is Wells Fargo’s monthly fee?

Ans: For each charge period, you can avoid the $10 monthly service cost by doing one of the following: The minimum daily balance is $500. Total eligible direct deposits of $500 or more The primary account holder is between 17 and 24 years.

Q4.What documents am I required to provide to open a Wells Fargo account?

Ans: Individual or joint checking accounts can be opened, and you’ll require your basic information, driver’s license, Social Security number, and a minimum beginning deposit amount.

Q5. How much money can I get from a Wells Fargo ATM?

Ans: When you create a Wells Fargo checking account and receive a debit card, your daily withdrawal limit is $1500, and your ATM withdrawal limit is $300.