TD Bank Hours: Convenient Banking at Your Fingertips

TD Bank Hours

In this fast-paced world, comfort is a top priority for many individuals. When it comes to banking, having access to your accounts and services at your convenience is essential. TD Bank, a leading financial institution, understands this need and offers flexible hours to ensure its customers can bank on their own terms. 

In this article, we will discuss TD Bank’s hours of operation, explore their convenience, and answer frequently asked questions to help you make the most of their services.

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TD Bank Operating Hours

Regarding accessibility, TD Canada Trust Bank has taken significant steps to ensure its customers can conveniently bank. With extended hours throughout the week, TD Bank aims to accommodate individuals with diverse schedules. The following are TD Bank’s standard operating hours:

Weekday Hours

TD Bank branches are generally open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday. These hours allow customers to handle their banking needs during regular business hours. 

If you want to open an account, please apply for a loan or pursue financial advice. TD Bank’s weekday hours make connecting with their knowledgeable staff easy.

Extended Hours

Recognizing that many people have commitments outside traditional business hours, TD Bank offers extended hours at select branches. These extended hours allow customers to visit the bank after work or during weekends. 

TD Bank typically extends its hours until 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm on weekdays. It is often open on Saturdays and Sundays, providing greater customer flexibility.

TD Bank’s Holiday Schedule for 2023

TD Bank adheres to a holiday schedule that combines standard closures with special operating hours during certain federal holidays. Please refer to the table below for TD Bank’s holiday schedule:

New Year’s DayClosed
Martin Luther King Jr. DayClosed
Presidents DayOpen
Easter SundayClosed
Memorial DayClosed
Independence DayClosed
Labor DayClosed
Indigenous Peoples DayOpen
Veterans DayClosed
Christmas EveOpen

Online and Mobile Banking

In addition to their branch hours, TD Bank provides 24/7 access to your accounts through their online and mobile banking platforms. These digital channels allow you to perform a wide range of banking transactions from the comfort of your home or while on the go. 

With online and mobile banking, you can check your balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and even deposit checks using your smartphone. TD Bank’s commitment to technological innovation ensures that its services are available whenever and wherever you need them.

Banking with TD Bank outside business hours is easy and suitable thanks to their technological betterment. Here are the methods you can utilize:

1. TD Bank Online Banking: With TD’s online platform, you can access your checking and savings accounts at any time, right from your computer screen. To sign up for Internet banking, you will need the following information:

  • Your TD Bank account number
  • Your TD Bank ATM or debit card
  • Your Social Security number
  • A valid email address

2. TD Bank Mobile Banking: Similar to online banking, TD’s mobile app allows customers to manage their accounts anytime and anywhere. If you already use online banking, you can conveniently log into the mobile app using your username and password.

3. 24/7 ATMs: When you require quick cash withdrawals, TD Bank offers 24-hour ATMs that are available round the clock.

4. TD Phone Banking: Another method to access your accounts is by contacting TD Bank through phone banking. Dial 800-937-2000 and follow the instructions to manage your accounts.

By embracing these innovative banking solutions from TD Bank, you can transcend the limitations of traditional business hours and conveniently handle your financial transactions whenever it suits you.


TD Bank understands the importance of convenience in banking and strives to provide flexible hours to meet its customers’ needs. With weekday hours, extended hours at select branches, and online and mobile banking convenience, TD Bank ensures that you can access their services whenever it suits you best. 

Embrace the flexibility and convenience TD Bank offers, whether it’s through in-branch visits during extended hours or the ease of online and mobile banking. By prioritizing customer convenience, TD Bank sets itself apart as a financial institution that understands and values its customers’ busy lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can I access my TD Bank account outside of branch hours?

Absolutely! TD Bank offers online and mobile banking services that allow you to manage your accounts 24/7, even outside branch hours. Log in to your online banking portal or the TD Bank mobile app to access your accounts and perform various transactions.

Are all TD Bank branches open on weekends?

While not all TD Bank branches are open on weekends, many offer extended hours on Saturdays and some even on Sundays. You can use the TD Bank website or contact their customer service to find a branch near you and check its weekend availability.

Can I schedule an appointment with a TD Bank representative?

Yes, TD Bank encourages customers to schedule appointments with their representatives. Whether you need assistance with a specific banking service or have questions about financial planning, scheduling an appointment ensures you have dedicated time with a knowledgeable professional to address your needs.

What if I contact TD Bank customer service outside of branch hours?

TD Bank provides 24/7 customer support through its helpline. If you have any questions or need assistance, you can contact their customer service anytime. The dedicated representatives are available around the clock to help you with your banking queries.

Can I open a TD Bank account online?

Yes, TD Bank offers the convenience of opening an account online. Through their website or mobile app, you can explore the different account options and efficiently apply for an account that suits your needs. The online application process is secure, quick, and user-friendly.