Wells Fargo Bank Routing Number

wells fargo bank routing number

Routing numbers are essential for various financial transactions, and understanding them is crucial for smooth banking operations. This article will explore the world of Wells Fargo routing numbers, their significance, and how to find them. Whether setting up direct deposits, initiating wire transfers, or making online payments, accurate routing numbers ensure your money reaches the correct destination securely and efficiently.

What is a Routing Number?

A routing number, also known as an ABA routing number or routing transit number (RTN), is a nine-digit code assigned to financial institutions in the United States. It acts as a unique identifier for banks, credit unions, and other financial organizations, helping to route funds accurately during transactions.

The Purpose of Routing Numbers

Routing numbers serve multiple purposes in the banking system. They enable banks to identify the financial institution involved in a transaction and ensure funds are transferred to the correct account. Routing numbers also help in clearing checks, processing direct deposits, initiating wire transfers, and facilitating other electronic transactions.

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Types of Routing Numbers

There are different types of routing numbers, each serving a specific purpose:

ABA Routing Number: This is the primary routing number used for various transactions, such as ACH transfers, direct deposits, and electronic payments.

ACH Routing Number: The Automated Clearing House (ACH) routing number is explicitly used for ACH transfers involving electronic fund transfers between banks.

Wire Transfer Routing Number: Wire transfer routing numbers initiate domestic and international wire transfers.

Institution Number: Some banks may have an additional institution number that further identifies the specific branch or location.

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

As one of the largest banks in the United States, Wells Fargo has multiple routing numbers to cater to different types of transactions. Here are some of the key routing numbers associated with Wells Fargo:

Wells Fargo Routing Numbers State Wise

StateWells Fargo routing numberStateWells Fargo routing numberStateWells Fargo routing number
Wells Fargo Alabama062000080Wells Fargo Alaska125200057Wells Fargo Arizona122105278
Wells Fargo Arkansas111900659Wells Fargo California121042882Wells Fargo Colorado121042882
Wells Fargo Connecticut021101108Wells Fargo Delaware031100869Wells Fargo District of Columbia054001220
Wells Fargo Florida063107513Wells Fargo Georgia061000227Wells Fargo Hawaii121042882
Wells Fargo Idaho124103799Wells Fargo Illinois071101307Wells Fargo Indiana074900275
Wells Fargo Iowa073000228Wells Fargo Kansas101089292Wells Fargo Kentucky121042882
Wells Fargo Louisiana121042882Wells Fargo Maine121042882Wells Fargo Maryland055003201
Wells Fargo Massachusetts121042882Wells Fargo Michigan091101455Wells Fargo Minnesota091000019
Wells Fargo Mississippi062203751Wells Fargo Missouri121042882Wells Fargo Montana092905278
Wells Fargo Nebraska104000058Wells Fargo Nevada321270742Wells Fargo New Hampshire121042882
Wells Fargo New Jersey021200025Wells Fargo New Mexico107002192Wells Fargo New York026012881
Wells Fargo North Carolina053000219Wells Fargo North Dakota091300010Wells Fargo Ohio041215537
Wells Fargo Oklahoma121042882Wells Fargo Oregon123006800Wells Fargo Pennsylvania031000503
Wells Fargo Rhode Island121042882Wells Fargo South Carolina053207766Wells Fargo South Dakota091400046
Wells Fargo Tennessee064003768Wells Fargo Texas111900659Wells Fargo Texas, El Paso112000066
Wells Fargo Utah124002971Wells Fargo Vermont121042882Wells Fargo Virginia051400549
Wells Fargo Washington125008547Wells Fargo West Virginia121042882Wells Fargo Wisconsin075911988
Wells Fargo Wyoming102301092    

Wells Fargo Routing Number: 121000248

The Wells Fargo routing number 121000248 is the general routing number used for various transactions, including direct deposits, electronic payments, and wire transfers. It is the primary routing number for Wells Fargo.

Domestic wire transfer (USA) 121000248

In addition to the general routing number mentioned above, Wells Fargo has specific routing numbers based on the state where an account is opened. These routing numbers may be required for particular transactions, such as initiating direct deposits or wire transfers. To ensure accuracy, it is advisable to use the specific routing number corresponding to the state of your Wells Fargo account.

Wells Fargo ABA Number

The Wells Fargo ABA number is another term for the bank’s routing number. ABA stands for the American Bankers Association, which established the routing number system in the United States.

Wells Fargo ACH Routing Number

For ACH transfers, Wells Fargo has a dedicated ACH routing number. ACH transfers are commonly used for various purposes, such as payroll deposits, bill payments, and online money transfers. Using the correct ACH routing number ensures that these transactions are processed smoothly.

Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Routing Number

Using the appropriate routing number is essential when initiating wire transfers through Wells Fargo. Wire transfers typically send more significant sums of money domestically or internationally. The correct routing number ensures the funds are sent to the desired recipient without delays or errors.

Wells Fargo International Wire Transfer Routing Number

For international wire transfers, Wells Fargo has a specific routing number. This number is different from the domestic wire transfer routing number. It is explicitly used for sending money outside the United States. The correct routing number is crucial to ensure the international transfer reaches the intended recipient.

Wells Fargo Bank Wire Routing Number

Wells Fargo also has a bank wire routing number for wire transfers within the United States. This routing number ensures that domestic wire transfers within the Wells Fargo system are processed accurately.

Wells Fargo Business Routing Number

For business accounts, Wells Fargo provides specific routing numbers. These routing numbers are tailored to meet the needs of business customers and facilitate seamless transactions related to payroll, supplier payments, and other business-related activities.

Wells Fargo Institution Number

Some Wells Fargo branches may have an additional institution number, which helps further identify the specific branch or location. While only sometimes necessary for regular transactions, this number may be required for certain specialized transactions or when interacting with customer support.

Wells Fargo Routing Number for International Wire Transfer

You may need to provide a specific routing number when receiving international wire transfers into your Wells Fargo account. Wells Fargo guides on its website to help customers determine the correct routing number to receive international wire transfers securely.

Wells Fargo Swift Code

The SWIFT code for Wells Fargo Bank is WFBIUS6S. Please note that SWIFT codes are used for international wire transfers and identify the specific bank involved in the transaction.

Suppose you need to receive an international wire transfer to your Wells Fargo account. In that case, you must provide the sender with the WFBIUS6S SWIFT code, your account details, and the routing number. It is always recommended to double-check the SWIFT code with Wells Fargo or refer to their official website for the most accurate information.

International wire transfer (SWIFT code) WFBIUS6S

Finding Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

Finding the correct Wells Fargo routing number for your specific needs is essential to ensure the smooth processing of your financial transactions. Here are some ways to find the routing numbers associated with your Wells Fargo account:

Online Banking

Suppose you have online banking access with Wells Fargo. In that case, you can easily find your routing number by logging into your account. The routing number is usually displayed in your online banking portal’s account details or settings section.

Paper Checks

Routing Number on check

If you have a physical checkbook issued by Wells Fargo, you can find the routing number printed on the bottom left corner of the check. The routing number is the first set of nine digits on the left.

Customer Service

Suppose you still look for the routing number through online banking or paper checks. In that case, you can contact Wells Fargo’s customer service. The representatives will assist you in providing the correct routing number based on your account and transaction requirements.

Common Uses of Wells Fargo Routing Numbers

Wells Fargo routing numbers are used for various types of transactions. Some common uses of these routing numbers include:

Direct Deposits

Employers often require the routing and account numbers to set up direct deposits for employees. You can ensure your salary or other payments are directly deposited into your account by providing your Wells Fargo routing number.

Wire Transfers

Having the correct routing number is crucial for sending or receiving wire transfers. Wire transfers are commonly used for high-value transactions, such as purchasing real estate, making investments, or transferring funds between banks.

Automatic Bill Payments

Setting up automatic bill payments allows you to conveniently pay your recurring bills, such as utilities, mortgages, or subscriptions. The correct routing number ensures that these payments are processed accurately and on time.

Online Banking Transactions

Wells Fargo routing numbers are also used for online banking transactions, such as transferring funds between accounts, paying bills online, or making person-to-person payments. Accurate routing numbers are necessary to ensure these transactions are completed without issues.


Routing numbers are crucial for seamless funds transfers in the banking system. Wells Fargo, a leading financial institution, offers various routing numbers for different transaction types. Understanding their significance and locating the correct routing numbers are essential to secure and smooth financial transactions. Accurate Wells Fargo routing numbers guarantee efficient delivery of funds through direct deposits, wire transfers, or online payments, providing a hassle-free banking experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What is the difference between routing and account numbers?

A routing number recognizes the financial institution involved in a transaction. In contrast, an account number is used to identify the specific account within that institution. The routing number ensures that the funds are directed to the right bank, while the account number ensures that the amount is deposited into the correct account.

2: Can I use any Wells Fargo routing number for international wire transfers?

You cannot use any Wells Fargo routing number for international wire transfers. Wells Fargo has specific routing numbers designated for international transfers, and it is important to use the correct one to ensure the funds reach the intended international destination securely.

3: How do I find the routing number for a specific Wells Fargo branch?

You can find the routing number for a specific Wells Fargo branch by using online banking, checking a paper check issued by that branch, or contacting Wells Fargo customer service for assistance. The routing number may vary based on the branch’s location and the account type.

4: Is the routing number the same for all types of transactions?

No, the routing number may vary depending on the type of transaction and the specific requirements. For example, Wells Fargo has different routing numbers for ACH transfers, wire transfers, and international transfers.

5: Can I have multiple routing numbers for one bank account?

No, typically, one bank account has a single routing number. However, there may be exceptions in certain cases, such as when a financial institution merges with another or when specific account-related changes occur. It is advisable to consult with Wells Fargo customer service to clarify any specific situations regarding multiple routing numbers.